chris holdcroft photography: Blog en-us (C) chris holdcroft photography [email protected] (chris holdcroft photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:06:00 GMT chris holdcroft photography: Blog 78 120 Horseshoe Bend What looked like a simple little 3/4 mile hike turned out to be slightly more taxing than anticipated due to 108F heat. We made it to the rim and for the first time in my life actually experienced a little vertigo - as you step closer and closer to the rim the scarier it becomes I  was 2 feet from the rim but there was this irrational fear that i would somehow fall, weird and very humanizing at the same time.

On the way back Zack had some trouble we stopped in the shade and he recovered enough to make it back to the car and with the AC full on he recovered.

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Bryce [email protected] (chris holdcroft photography) Sat, 23 Jul 2016 02:16:00 GMT Goodbye Vegas hello Zion A bit of a late start on the road at 9.00am our goal was to hit the Hoover Dam and then a further 150 miles to St George - it was 108 at the Hoover so we took a few snaps and then made our way to St George  UT but we arrived around 2pm and decided to push on we took an epic detour to Grafton Ghost Town the last 2 miles was a heavily rutted dirt road - hey but I have a my Summer tyres so with no cell coverage we ventured forth and survived even got some funny looks from a family in their SUV (bet it was a rental)

Next another awesome Park Zion - stopped so many times - Zack was elated as he saw: 1. Cacti 2. A small tumble weed 3. Mountain Goats

We changed plans and found a room at Rubys Best Western.


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Death Valley is really hot! So after the disastrous cabin that smelled dirty and had a non-functioning AC we had a wonderful night in the last available room at the Holiday Inn at Three Rivers.

We even ate their breakfast.

Today we had the goal of driving through Death Valley - We watched as the temperature rose to 100 then continued to rise as we entered the valley maxing out at 118F the car temperature didn't move the AC kept us at a comfy 65F. 

After surviving Death Valley we went to Dante's View this detour takes you up the side of the Valley then a short hike in 110F takes you to the a view point.

Stunning Vistas!

Then we headed for Vegas - Found a room at Caesars got an upgrade with a view of the Bellagio Fountains. Zack wanted a vegan burger one of the few places was the yard House near the Linq.

Returned to the hotel and I soothed my aching neck in the Jacuzzi tub.


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Kings Canyon and Trees After an early breakfast we are on the road again. Taking the Kings Canyon Scenic byway - a meandering road with hairpin turns - great road to drive a few people on the slow side but with 460+ horses they were easy to pass. Meeting a lot of folks who notice our  NH plates and wish us a safe trip. I have never seen a Redwood except on TV. The first time we saw one we stopped they take your breath away with the stature and age, and the smell is so deep and luxurious they really are impressive. We visited the General Grant Tree walking amidst these nobel sentinels their bark is soft and light to the touch.

Next onto General Sherman a short .5 mile hike down a path where there were a few more people. Sherman has branches that are thicker than any tree in my backyard - any tree in our town its insane - in one year Sherman gains more bark than any other tree.

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Road trip begins for real Zack and I awoke at 7 and began the trip - first stop Danville CA :) stopped for gas at the Danville Smog. Then onto Yosemite we stopped for the best Donuts ever Sunshine Donuts - homemade. Next we went into Yosemite purchased our all park pass for $80 knowing it will pay for its self soon. Spent the night at the Chukchansi Gold Resort Casino.

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San Francisco Foggy Morning Woke up at 6 and decided to take out the car. San Francisco is very quiet on a Sunday Morning - felt like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Skies driving around an empty town.

Drove down Lombard Street and one of the steepest roads in San Fran - Filbert its downhill though - managed to ground my car on another street going up. Then went up to Coit tower and over the Golden Gate in deep fog.

After driving picked up Fi and Max and went on a road trip - the weather had improved so we did the Golden Gate and then drove around Marin. Saw sea lions lying on the rocks.

In the afternoon we went to the Musee Mecanique and played  video games.

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San Francisco Wonderfull day - brunch at Stacks then walking around Japantown area. Watched the Cosplay festival and had a blast in the Mall with so many wonderful Japanese stores. Then met up with Marc and Max and walked  around Haight and Golden Gate Park. Finishing up with Dinner at Sparrow's. My watch says 8 miles walked today. Now relaxing in the hotel and it's only 10pm.

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Car is picked up parking is a nightmare Finally got the car the shipping company provided no updates the broker also provided zero updates. Lesson learned do research and don't always trust referrals - check for feedback and reviews.

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On its way? Just got an email from my car to say the engine started - guess where my car is now after 2 days! Its all the way to Agawam Massachusetts, Yes my car has successfully completed 123 miles. 

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On the plane. After getting up at 4 am we are on our way to San Fran as yet no word from the transport company - all notifications so far have been by my car itself.

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Car is near Salt Lake City this mornin car is near Salt Lakecar is near Salt Lake


Packed and ready for tomorrow's flight hopefully the car will be there.


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On its way After much stress, several emails and phone calls the RC is in a truck and on its way to San Fran. Now just hoping for good weather and an easy trip via Tennessee. 

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Feeling Stressed So as I start booking more hotels and tightening the itinerary the only thing that is missing from these plans is the fact that my car is still in the garage. The guys at IRA Lexus recommended a carrier they use Pre-Owned Logistics out of Salem/Danvers MA. Booked and paid a deposit on 6/29 and since then have been waiting for confirmation - called them yesterday and they told me that 7/6 would be the day and that I would be called by the driver the day before to arrange pickup- well it didn't happen. So now its 7/6 just called them again told to expect a call by 12 - losing faith quickly will give them until 12 then work on a plan B if necessary - 

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New tires = new car my new set of tires has considerably reduced road noise the RC is purring along now....

continuing to finalize the itinerary and book a few Hotel rooms 

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Counting down... Car is getting a new set of rubber after 20k miles in the first year the Pilot Super sports have lasted well but with the upcoming trip don't think they will last another 5k.

Big shout out to Keith Katz general manager at Lexus of Serramonte for graciously agreeing to accept my car at the dealership until Zack and I arrive in CA.

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sometimes cars get dirty... CMH_7471CMH_7471

love the way the salt follows a wave contour

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Roadtrip 2016 Only 17 days to go before the road trip!

Car has just had its 20K service - need a new set of tires for the trip ! Which I just ordered 

The high level itinerary is here -!1*5*4,t!9925792&lat=37.82280&lng=-109.55566&utm_campaign=trip&utm_medium=share&utm_source=copy&z=4

Now all thats left is to get my car shipped and sort that aspect out time is running short but we are still on track.


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